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Interview on world changes (Read 181 times)
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Interview on world changes
Feb 23rd, 2021 at 5:57am

Interview with Gregg Braden

The elevation is happening now.

Interview with Gregg Braden

by Wynn Free

German translation: Evelyn Kümmerle

There are many quantifiable scientific indicators that prove that the Earth and the solar system are going through changes that have never happened before in human history. Many sensitive people and channels say that we have entered the beginning of a dimensional upliftment that is already profoundly affecting our lives. And some predict that within the next decade we will enter an ascension process that will fulfill the prophecies of Jesus.

Gregg Braden is probably the most widely recognized person to evaluate and reveal the scientific phenomena that point to this upliftment. He was drawn to this subject when he was still working at Phillips Petroleum in the late 1970s and he noticed that the earth's magnetism had been at its lowest point for 2000 years and was still rapidly decreasing.

Eventually Braden wrote a book - the awakening of the new earth (German title, English original title: awakening to point zero), which documents this and other indicators of our rapidly changing planet.

Is it true that the Earth's magnetic poles are in the process of shifting right now?

In May/June/July 2002 this was very well confirmed and recognized scientific magazines actually reported for the first time that we are in the process of pole reversal.

Back in the 1960s, geologists were certain that the Earth was periodically going through an inversion. They could tell this from samples taken from inside the Earth, from ice samples and from fossils, as well as from magnetized particles trapped in certain positions in the rock of the Earth. The geologists were so sure about this phenomenon that they actually cataloged the last four and a half million years, and the results said that the Earth had gone through 14 of these pole reversals.

At that time, back around 1961 and 62, the scientists figured out that the last pole reversal must have happened around the last ice age, around 10 - 12000 years before. And they were sure that it would happen again, but not thousands of years ago, so it was nothing to worry about.

But during the 90's, geologists continued their research and refined the information. They had said it would be thousands of years before it happened again. Then they started saying, well, it could happen in a few hundred years. But now, having just evaluated the latest ice samples from Greenland and Antarctica, they say it could happen in less than a decade of years.

Now we know that the poles are actually migrating. We're living through that right now. We don't know exactly what that means, because even though it's happened 14 times in the last four and a half million years, it's never happened with 6 billion people on Earth.

Would you say that's common knowledge?

It's part of the common knowledge for people who have to deal with these things. For example, the rules of aviation say that if they move the poles more than 5 or 8 degrees, the runways at airports have to be recalibrated to be back in correlation with the magnetic bearing that the pilots see. The first airport in the U.S. to have to meet this requirement was Minneapolis/St.Paul, where they had to spend about $85000 to renumber the runways.

But what happened in the May/June/July 2002 time frame is that journals such as Nature & Scientific American and New Scientist released reports saying that we are definitely in the process of a magnetic reversal - and the AP wires(?? wire=wire, conduit) picked up on that.

Scientists have no idea what the impact will be on the electronic and electromagnetic energy networks. And even more, they don't know what it means for the human immune system. Alternative healing methods have shown a connection between magnetism and the immune system, which could also mean that our immune system could very well be connected to the Earth's magnetic field.

We know that birds and animals migrate along the lines of these magnetic fields. So there is a speculation that the changes taking place in the magnetic field could be responsible for changing the migration patterns of birds, which has been recorded in Asia and North America.

The change in these fields could also explain why whales strand. The navigational lines that whales have always followed have shifted, now directing them onto the beach. When we pull them back into the water and free them, they re-align with the same magnetic lines, follow them and end up on the beach again.

So, yes, it's common knowledge now. The most respected scientific journals say we are in this shift. And while we don't know precisely what that means, it's significant that it's confirmed in the time-honored literature, not just in speculative and pseudo-scientific magazines.

When was this magnetic shift first confirmed?

It may have been in the June/July 2002 time frame. People were emailing me that they had seen it and giving me references. I also found references in the magazines myself.

Would we survive a complete pole jump?

Any answer to that question must necessarily be a lie in the realm of speculation, because it has never happened in traditional human history. On the other hand, there are indigenous and Hebrew biblical traditions that indicate that a magnetic shift could have happened even shorter ago than the last ice age. That was 10000 to 12000 years ago, but these traditions say that the last leap may have happened as late as 3600 years ago.

Native legends speak of a day 3600 years ago when the sun rose in the west, as it always would have, then ghosting around in the sky for more than a full day, then setting in the east, but then rising in the east the next day and setting in the west, as it does today. Hebrew traditions also speak of this event and say that it happened during a battle. The ancient Hebrews took this as a sign that one side was receiving heavenly support, for it remained bright long enough to end the battle in their favor.

We cannot confirm this from the rocks or fossil evidence, because 3600 years is too short a period for such an event to be reflected in it. All we can refer to are the traditions, the legends and myths made orally or in written documents.

What the lore tells us, however, is that if such a thing were to happen, the people of Earth will survive it. It would then be a really strange day that they would live through, but if the ancient legends are true, it happened and the people apparently survived it. However, we don't know how their lives were affected.

Do you have any idea how this magnetic shift could alter consciousness?

The speculation is that there is a connection between consciousness and magnetism. To understand how this connection might work, it is useful to make a comparison with a computer memory. The magnetic fields in the memory are held in place by an electrical voltage - a rapidly injecting voltage - into the computer itself. When the batteries in the computer run down, the voltage goes away and what is stored is lost.We then have to recharge the system.

Compared to this, researchers and descendants of natives believe that when the Earth goes through what science sees as a magnetic reversal, it will also mean a great uplift and purification for the consciousness of the Earth. There will then be nothing left to hold all the magnetic patterns that are there. So, when we awaken from this shift, what becomes consciousness will become our very nature, our truest essence. And the stored up from all the corrupt and all the bad things or from all the resentment or from the ego, and everything that we had against each other as individuals or nations, will not be part of the new consciousness, the new grid.

From this perspective, many traditions predict, ponder or speculate that we are approaching a time they call the Great Purification and that this purification is happening at a level of the core storehouse of consciousness.

So is it possible to assume in some way that our memory is connected to this magnetic field?

I think so. I think that because of the strange records of the astronauts who left Earth and went into space as part of the Apollo program. By leaving the Earth's atmosphere and orbiting the planet many miles above the surface, the effects of the Earth's magnetic field were no longer there. And the astronauts began to have experiences that they were not prepared for, that they had not trained for, that were completely unexpected.

When they were in space and looking down at the Earth, they began to have insights and feelings, awakenings and awareness that they had never had while they were still on Earth. To each of them it meant something different.

In a very similar way, friends of mine were all changed when they came home from Vietnam. It changed everyone. For some, the change was so painful that they could never talk about it and for others, that change was a catalyst of their lives and they talked about it non-stop.

And I think there was actually a PBS special that documented this same phenomenon with the astronauts, which was that they were never the same afterwards. When they returned, there were some among them who didn't know what to do with the experience from space. Some turned to drugs and alcohol. Others channeled the change that had occurred in them into very positive, life-affirming projects.

One of this latter group was Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who founded the Noetic Sciences Organization - as an attempt to provide validity to the phenomenon of human consciousness. Another astronaut went in search of Noah's Ark and he actually found it, embedded in the ice from Mount Ararat, right where the Bible said it was.

So the implication here is that these astronauts experienced some kind of spiritual awakening because they had left the Earth's magnetic field?

They certainly went through a spiritual purification when they were no longer under the influence of the Earth's magnetic field.

We also see something similar happen when we look at the Earth's magnetic fields. They do not extend uniformly over the Earth's surface, and contour maps that can be viewed through the United States Geologic Survey show different intensities of magnetic fields over the Earth's surface - magnetic fields with very high intensity and those where the intensity is very low.

These fields have shifted over time, and they may actually show why human populations have moved to the places where they have settled.

What happens is that in places where magnetism is very low, where its effects are almost imperceptible, considerable changes and innovations seem to take place. Where magnetism is usually high, there are places of stagnation, where changes - even though they are already taking place - take a long time, and the accomplishment of change is slow.

If we came here from another world and knew nothing about the people on Earth, and if we were looking for a place where the chance of change was greatest, I would look for the zero contour lines. And if you look at a magnetism map of the Earth today, you find that there is a zero contour line along the west coast of North America - along the California coast up to the coast of Alaska. In other words, magnetism along the west coast has almost stopped.

When we think of the West Coast, we think of crazy California. Well, in truth, California is a seed, one of several, and traditionally it has always been very innovative in terms of technology, science, fashion, finance, and the arts, because there is opportunity for considerable change here.

In North America, again, the funky side would be an area of highest magnetism, so where the magnetic field is densest. And you find that down through some of the Southeastern states - the very states that are traditionally considered very conservative. That's not to say that change can't happen there. But it does mean that change there takes a long time and that people there really need to see a very good reason before they move away from what they have always done.

So, where the magnetic field is less dense, people are more open to the moment?

They are open to a period of change. That doesn't mean the change is good, bad, right or wrong. It's important to be clear about it. People's awareness will determine how that change comes.

I'll make an ironic example. There is a zero contour line that runs through the Middle East. It runs almost directly underneath the area we call the Suez Canal, straight up into Israel, straight along the coast from the Red Sea. Yes, just in this area is a zero contour line. That means that this area is ripe for change. But again, how that change comes-whether it's peaceful and constructive or angry and destructive-is determined by the consciousness of the people who live there.

So that's neither good nor bad?

Exactly. It's simply an opportunity for change.

At the same time, the highest magnetic contour lines ever recorded anywhere on the planet are in parts of the former Soviet Union, Russia and Siberia. We know that in this part of the world a system was implemented, and while change came over this system, it happened slowly and painfully, with the coming of a time with a lot of suffering. But then when the change happened, there was a cascade effect and it happened almost overnight.

So the connections between human consciousness and the opportunities for innovation, change, doing things in new ways, and magnetism in our world are very interesting.

The earth has many areas where a lot of change is happening and also areas where little change is coming.

Our readers will want to know how best to face the changes coming to our world as a whole.

I'll be as specific as I can. I think perhaps the answer to this is best found in the words of those who came before us, the ancient Essenes, in a text that is more than 2500 years old. It reminds us of our relationship to the world around us and says quite simply that the world around us is nothing more than a mirror of what we have become within.

So, when we see a world that seems angry, cruel, and thoughtless, that produces suffering for our brothers and sisters around the world - from this perspective, the world is a mirror of what we have become as individuals, families, societies, and nations. It is not right, wrong, good, or bad. It is simply a reflection of who we are. The state of the planet is a feedback mechanism.

So, if we want to see change in our world, we must become that change ourselves, in our daily lives. If we want to see peace, tolerance and understanding, compassion and forgiveness on a global level, we have to be that way ourselves. At the dinner table. With our families. In our schools.

We must demand to be entertained by peace, compassion and understanding. This doesn't have to be dull and boring. It can still be very exciting, but it doesn't have to be reckless, thoughtless, cruel, or heartless.

In our daily lives, every moment of the day, we make a choice to either affirm or reject life in our bodies. Because we are connected through the grid. Our individual choices all accumulate into the collective response for our future.

If we want to see a collective change, we must individually become that change.

We have this date of 2012 that many people say is the time of global ascension. What do you think is going to happen?

The 2012 date is interesting because it shows up in Mayan lore, in Egyptian lore, in some Christian lore, and even in the Bible Codex, which contradicts itself a lot.

My feeling is that this date could be any date. If we focus on a date and live our lives in preparation for that date, we miss out on life. From my perspective: If we simply live out our lives each day, learning from the experiences that cross our paths each day, we get the opportunity to honor life and likewise our relationships with each other.

If we are honest, truthful, mindful, caring and compassionate, if we live that every day, we are already prepared for whatever might happen in 2012 or any other day, in any other year, at any time in our future.

I know people who live their lives hoarding shopping carts of food and consumables because they are preparing for the day when our world will change. I can understand their attitude and I think it's good to take care of yourself. But what I've also seen is that they devote their lives completely to preparing for that day and they miss the beauty and the mysteries of life that unfold every day. And it's about preparing ourselves for the great challenges by noticing that beauty and mystery!

So basically, if someone wants to approach this change with maximum positive payoff for themselves, the key is to live each day with the maximum payoff of love, compassion and mindfulness?

Yes, and in order to do that, we need to live each day consciously. Be aware of the opportunities. Recognize the opportunities that cross our paths. Every day we are given opportunities to be tolerant of other belief systems, to forgive someone who has hurt or angered us, to reconsider our own evaluations - of what should or should not be in our world.

When we reconcile these things as they cross our paths and consciously deal with them in this moment, we know that we are changing the chemistry of our bodies by the way we feel and thus preparing ourselves for whatever transitions the earth will go through with us.

If that makes sense.

Yeah, that makes sense to me. Is there anything else really quite important for our readers that I may not have addressed?

For the first time in our history, the fate of our species, our entire species rests on the choice of a single generation. And what we've just done is talk about what this election is about.



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