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Spirits-Board Wishes of a dog

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Wishes of a dog (Read 381 times)
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Wishes of a dog
Feb 23rd, 2021 at 5:37am

Wishes of a dog

I do not wish to be acquired by you until you have taken the time to get to know me and are aware of my wants and needs! I am not a toy and not an object of prestige, but a living being of flesh and blood with feelings and also with faults, whose belonging to you means for you only a short period of time, but for me my whole life!

I wish to become your companion, friend, buddy and a family member, to participate in your life in good and bad days and not to be locked out and isolated. Please be patient with me and help me to understand you. I do want to do everything right and be your EVERYTHING, because I have great trust in you. Don't abuse it and don't make me feel at your mercy and at your whims!

I want you to actively engage with me, play with me, cuddle and caress me. If you are sick or have a lot of work and stress, let me still be near you. It is enough for me if you turn to me in such hours only now and then, address me or touch me. I crave your physical closeness and attention. Then I feel that I am your companion and that you love me.

I wish that you do not let me run after you at going out time, when you drive car, bicycle, scooter and the like! I need leisure to explore the environment, to read messages and to do my own business.

I would like you not only to take me out into the garden and leave me to boredom, but to go for walks with me, to play with me, for example, looking for sticks and to let me run free from time to time, but always to take care of me. I am very curious and sometimes I am misunderstood if I am too impetuous or too intensively interested in new acquaintances.

I wish that for God's sake you do not consider me as an after-work entertainment object, even if you, tired of your day's work, think it would be sufficient and satisfying for me to let me play and frolic alone. For you it may be amusing, for me not! I am so exuberant and cheerful only because I am glad about your presence after your long absence and I would like to invite you to the same reactions, - that is to the togetherness joy and play.

I wish that despite my almost human wishes you do not forget that I am and remain a DOG! Do not humanize me and do not dress me up, give me food appropriate to my species and my age in sufficient but not excessive quantity. Get advice from the vet, follow his instructions and do not neglect my grooming or education!

I wish that when my life comes to an end, you will be especially strong and brave! Stay with me, let me feel your closeness and warmth and do not let me die alone with strangers! You can and manage it for sure - for my sake! I would do it for you too.

How do I thank you for all this?

You will know when you take your time.

As long as people think

that animals do not feel,

animals must feel,

that humans do not think.

Ten wishes of a dog to his human

- My life lasts 10 to 12 years, every separation from you means suffering for me, consider that before you - acquire me.

- Give me time to understand what you want from me and I will try to fulfill your wishes.

- Give me trust, I live on it.

- Never be angry with me for long, and do not lock me up for punishment, you have your work, your pleasure, your friends,
I have only you

- Speak to me. Even if I do not fully understand your words, I understand the voice that addresses me.

- Treat me as you would like to be treated - I never forget.

- Before you hit me, remember that my jaws could easily crush your hand, but that I will never use them against you.

- Before you call me unwillingly stubborn and lazy, consider that I may be ill, or have a worn-out heart

- Take care of me when I am old - also you will be old once. Walk every hard walk with me. Do not say; I cannot see such a thing, or: it shall be done in my absence.

- Everything is easier for me - with YOU!

(Author unknown)

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