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Spirits-Board The eternal world law.

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The eternal world law. (Read 279 times)
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The eternal world law.
Feb 23rd, 2021 at 5:15am

The eternal world law.

here is a force that I would like to call the eternal world law.

Everything that comes into being passes away. All phenomena of our universe are subject to this law. The world change of stars and planets follows this cycle of the breath of Brahma just as the individual beings are dependent on it. All beings arise from the pure, one thought that brought our universe into being. The individual beings are born, arise from preceding and dissolve in them following appearances which can nevertheless never break the cycle of the birth and the rebirth of all being within our universe. Everything what comes into being, passes away. This applies in the same measure to the appearances within our universe, as to the universe itself.

Beyond the working of the mechanisms of coming into being and passing away lives the infinite, indivisible and eternal truth of God. That truth behind "our" truth remains untouched by its own emanations, which form our life cycle. The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

If we are to understand ourselves as enlightened beings, it is helpful to realize that there is a higher truth than the mere possibilities available to ourselves in the attainment of our own perfection. We are transforming beings who, as expressions of God, strive for perfection and want to become one with the source of all life, even though we are or have never been separated from that source.

A caterpillar changes into a butterfly, an egg and a sperm cell become a human being, a star generation brings forth the following generation(s). Everything that comes into being passes away. And changes incessantly. Every atom of our world was at an earlier time at another place in the universe in other, manifold possibilities of existence.

The breath of Brahma marks the life cycle of our universe. All phenomena arise in dependence on other factors, which in turn arose in this way. The chain can be continued arbitrarily, since there is no beginning and no end. From one universe another one emerges, just as it itself emerged from another one.

It is very helpful and precious to become aware of this change. For through this we can learn to distinguish between the supposed cause of a process and the real cause, God.

When people find themselves, for example, in an ancestor cult of their faith, they attach phenomena to the world of this world. The same is true for seekers who see their explanations in cause-effect relationships. Both are appearances within our "plane" - and not the actual, "behind" God-reality.

It can be useful to want to understand the laws of this world in order to find out how we are "built". Nevertheless, with this kind of searching we will not penetrate to the actual source of life, since this is to be searched for beyond our reality. Although the word is valid that all appearances are permeated by the divine spirit and are causally formed from it, nevertheless all appearances within our universe are also subject to the laws given to this universe itself. It can be very worthwhile to want to fathom those laws, if one wants to learn to understand the "behind it" truth better. Nevertheless, this is nothing else than the attempt to want to touch a being in the mirror. The image is visible in the mirror and can be observed - however, we cannot touch it.

There are as many world systems and universes as there are grains of sand in the sea. The variety of the being does not stop also at immaterial appearances; It does not express itself exclusively materially. Dark worlds and light beings are manifold - more than the human mind is able to grasp. The light of God expresses itself in all possible and impossible ways and only a little of it can be directly experienced by us, because our spiritual possibilities as humans are of limited nature. Nevertheless, we are all capable of perceiving ourselves and all other appearances multidimensionally. If we hold two mirrors against each other and look into them sideways, we see an infinite sequence of mirror images which get lost in each other. We recognize an image of the truth, which lets us look at eternity in a more and more "blurred form".

Let us search for the light. Let us fathom ourselves and the "reality" surrounding us with all our senses.

Best regards,


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