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Spirits-Board Thoughts on existence...

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Thoughts on existence... (Read 347 times)
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Thoughts on existence...
Feb 23rd, 2021 at 6:09am

Thoughts on existence...

ello, Smiley

in the chat we talked earlier about some thoughts concerning the physical-spiritual existence. As a suggestion, I would like to copy the text here. Good conversation - I look forward to your suggestions, thoughts and flashes of light Smiley

Best regards,

brah Smiley

brah: I have been thinking about the ego
Mo: tell
brah: this morning, in the morning meditation
brah: so the following
brah: Yesterday in spirituality/world religions we came to the topic, from when the soul = the spirit being enters the fetus. I meant, this would go only if sufficient hardware is present (thus a fetus size is given). This is certainly a controversial topic as far as abortion is concerned. I believe that the spirit being = our essence cannot enter the fetus until there is a sufficient central nervous system (spinal cord, brain stem, reptilian brain). And.
Ac: *hefty nod
Mu: *mumble
brah: Now I came this morning on the thought, since EVERYTHING in the world is animate and is animated, that individual cells possess quite a kind of consciousness, which would not be comparable however with a soul. This form of the consciousness could be the ego
brah: simply the identification with the body
brah: with the physical existence.
Ac: otherwise, after all, the essence could also enter into a skin growth, a cancer or a boil
brah: to the sufficient hardware still
brah: a thought
brah: a comparison
Mu: yes... However, I would like to contradict you with the first brah... I believe that the soul selects itself two people during the mating and the soul selects itself then from both information carriers her BODY together, creates itself thus optimal conditions due to her karma
brah: Windows 7 does not run also on a Commodore c64 - because too few resources are present. Such a complex entity as a soul (soul is a Christian term, I prefer spirit beings), cannot incarnate in an unsuitable physical body.
Mo: I also see it that way Mu
Ac: lol brah, good comparison
Mu: Ego IS the identification with the material world, so also body, but the general conditions chooses the soul, respectively the karma
Mo: What I see like brah... is that every cell has consciousness.... I think even that this consciousness like with the human being also... is split in poles
brah: yes Mu - the hardware is determined by the DNA (partially). The science speaks of the 98% DNA which it cannot explain of so-called junk DNA (garbage DNA). I absolutely believe that in the DNA also mental characteristics are coded.
brah: I do not believe that the junk DNA is actually garbage, Mu Smiley
Mu: Oh, and so you mean the soul chooses - waits for the physical conditions (fetus) and then "slips" into the body first, so to speak?
Mo: May I say what I think?
Mu: with pleasure
brah: yes Mo - take the mitochondria, which for me are the seat of the holy spirit. Mitochondria feed on photons (light particles), are inherited exclusively from the mother and are a bacterium. Biology has always referred to them as the power plants of cells. There are about 1,000 - 1,500 mitochondria per body cell.
Mo: I think that the soul enters the egg cell in the moment, in which this was fertilized... Practically already to the first cell division... yes ... this only makes possible... because....
brah: I believe by the fact that the mitochondria feed themselves by photons (which is scientifically proven), they produce the aura of the beings.
Mu: did I understand you correctly brah? My above sentence?
Mo: at cloned animals is noticeable... that they are all weak... or weakened... perhaps because the soul is missing, which produces the stability between body and spirit?
brah: Yes, Mu - Buddhism talks about three factors being necessary for conception: A father, a mother and a so-called Gandharva (spirit being who is ready to incarnate).
brah: I have also already asked myself, Mo , yes - do clones have souls?
Mo: Not brah for me... if you read my blog at the other nick Wink
Dr: Do they brah, but the soul is the same whether the body naturally or through cloning arises.
Mo: I do not believe Dr
Dr: Does not mean that I approve of cloning.
brah: I do not know whether the spirit being enters at the time of the conception or only later, if suitable conditions are created (CNS, central nervous system), Mu - but I consider it quite possible - see above.
Mo: For me life is alone in God's hand... or light or source or however.... Humans can create no life... if it is weak pseudo life for me
brah: With one they have I am basically careful (become), Dr ... I guess.
Dr: Mo: Humans do not create life by cloning - they only create a body by experiments. Whether it is then filled with life, is another matter.
Dr: brah: yes you are right - my way of expression again, sorry
Mo: then you think similar to me Dr
brah: no problem, Dr Smiley
brah: right back *thinking
Mo: I'll get something to eat Smiley then I miss nothing here


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