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Spirits-Board Status Quo.

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Status Quo. (Read 172 times)
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Status Quo.
Feb 23rd, 2021 at 5:30am

Status Quo.

allo dear ones Smiley ,

quo vadis? Where are you going?

Our world is beautiful - and ugly at the same time.

Beautiful because we have all the possibilities to define ourselves, to evolve, and to become who we already are in reality. We carry all the power within us to become beings who use their powers to contribute to the success of this "design of reality."

Ugly is our world, because we use all our possibilities to develop ourselves only conditionally. We see difficulties and give ourselves a leg up, where we could actually live freedom.

Why is this so?

On the one hand, there are beings who are committed to rationality. Head people. Beings who simply add up 1+1 and for whom only what they can measure, weigh and touch seems to be important.

On the other side of the universally experienceable spectrum, there are those who believe. Who feel closer to their hearts than to their own minds and for whom it is not important what natural science teaches us.

Both kinds of the world view represent in each case a facet of the reality. But only one facet, never a superior view of the world. If we really want to understand the world in which we live, it is useful to combine both ways of looking at things. To wear the "spiritual glasses" with the "scientific progressive lenses" in one.

Some of us, who have begun to look behind the "mirror of reality" and recognize connections beyond what is accessible to the common public, get into disorder about their new realizations. They get angry about Illuminati and other beings who hold our beautiful planet in a clamp grip. There is nothing wrong with this in principle - however, we should remember that we control the information we receive - not that information controls us. A clamped mind is never a free mind.

It seems important to me that we take the opportunity to use our minds in harmony with our hearts. I think it is necessary that we all give up our "lemming behavior" and finally(!) become really active for once. Nevertheless, may this activity not discharge itself blindly.

If we "wake up" and get angry about the living conditions on our earth, we should also think about it, if we are called to the dinner, or want to play the next round of golf. Vest pocket enlightenment and niche esotericism do not bring anyone anything. The conditions in our world will only change effectively if we all start with ourselves. What use is it to the world if we denounce conditions in it or are sad about them? Our compassion, which does not turn into active compassion, is worth nothing.

This world will experience a serious change. In the foreseeable future. "Only the Father knows the exact hour," the New Testament lets us know. And the spiritual among us assume that it is important to live in the "here and now". And to act - I would like to remark.

I wish that we all inwardly stop for a moment and take a step aside to ask ourselves what we ourselves are doing so that the "divine source of love" can unfold its working for the good of all of us. Regardless of our personal perceptions of the cosmos, the workings of the cosmos, and our workings in that cosmos. Each one may follow his own view, his credo, his creed and simply grab himself at the own nose: What do I do, so that it is better for my neighbor?.

So that we are all then friendly to our neighbors - because that is half the battle.

Best regards Cheesy,


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We are not human beings having a spiritual experience - we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
So, I've decided to take my work back on the ground, to stop you falling into the wrong hands.
Life is a videogame. Reality is a playground. It's all about experience and self-expression.
ZEN is: JOYFULLY walking on a never-ending path that doesn't exist.
They tried to bury us. What they didn't know - we were seeds.
Ideally, we get humble when we travel the Cosmos.
After school is over, you are playing in the park.
Although, life is limited - Creation is limitless.

Fuck you Orion, Zetas and your evil allies.

Seeing is believing. I do. *I shape*.
'EARTH' without 'ART' is just 'EH'.
Best viewed with *eyes closed*.
Space. It's The final Frontier.
Real eyes realize real lies.
Creator and Creation.
We are ONE.

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