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Gods... (Read 141 times)
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Feb 23rd, 2021 at 5:17am



Gods are "master players."

Every living being that moves within our experiential world is a "player". Our "world" is a hologram. Holograms contain the mechanism of action that beings moving within it contain the sum of information within themselves. What does this mean concretely?

Concretely this means that all our life can be described in the words "as above, so below". That we all can call up and use all information which the total hologram "life" contains.

This is exactly how the "gods" do it.

Being a "god" means being a "player" on a higher "level" in the hologram life. This involves being able to communicate with the laws given to a particular "level" (universe) in terms of content. The communication involves influencing the overall hologram and vice versa.

The means of the "gods" is magic. Magic is the mechanism that arises when the world is understood not only in a purely mechanical-physical way, but is also used in its esoteric mechanisms.

Magic means: to "read" numbers, to "interpret" leaves on a tree in the wind and the like more. Magic is the attempt to want to understand this world surrounding us.

"Gods" are not equal to God. Gods are "players", like all of us. The only thing that distinguishes them is the fact that they are better able to "deal" with the laws that surround and form them, i.e., they can change these laws according to their will.

A "god" is a player on an "advanced level", a higher level. He is just as subject to the principles of finiteness and eternity as any other living being. Nevertheless, he is characterized by the fact that he can use many additional functions of the matrix "life" and "manipulate" it, in his favor.

"Gods" speak telepathy. "Gods" can do telekinesis and the like. Gods get caught up in the tangles of the world, as it were, just like the common mortal does. Only with the difference: Gods choose consciously.

We all strive to become "gods". Whether consciously, or unconsciously. In any case we want to control, to tame the laws of the matrix surrounding us. We can and will all succeed in this: It is only a question of time. Eternity offers all possibilities.

If we want to mature into "Gods", "Master-Players" that is, always meditation and prayer helps. The cosmos REACT to stimuli and irritations, and these can be predicted or recognized. Once we put aside our clouded mind and let our heart speak, in silent or open prayer, this will always result in a response from the "ALL". We all are mostly just simply too "cowardly" to formulate our own desires. Too great is the dogmatic fear, that that effect, which could bring us joy, would also be at the same time our disaster. Pericles recognized in 450 B.C. "The secret of freedom is courage".

Let us all be "freer", that's what I wish!

Kind regards,


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We are not human beings having a spiritual experience - we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
So, I've decided to take my work back on the ground, to stop you falling into the wrong hands.
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Ideally, we get humble when we travel the Cosmos.
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